Specialist Hand Painter—Kitchens & Bespoke Furniture

About Me


Made in Wales

I remember the day I told my dad that I was moving to Ireland. He said, "Can I come with you?" So we crossed the Irish Sea together to find out what life in Ireland was like.

Like so many, I fell in love with an Irish girl and with the country. It's home now. I have a family here and I can't think of being anywhere else.

And Dad? Well, he's still here as well.


The beauty of hand painting Kitchens

There is nothing like a truly smooth, even hand-painted surface. The only way I can describe it is that it speaks to you. It has a warmth that makes it very human.

When you run your fingers over a hand-painted surface, you can feel the artisanship and skill that went into creating the finish. Machine-finished or sprayed work lacks that sort of character.

What I take pride in

I have a love of hand painting of the highest quality. I take pride in my skill and ability.

I take pride in making your kitchen a place where you feel surrounded by the human touch. A place you love to be.

I will never cut corners. I won't do it in my house, so I won't do it in yours. When I paint your kitchen, I'm painting something that I feel is mine too. I'm putting my name to the finished work, so I want it to be absolutely first class—regardless of how big or small the job is.



If you have any questions about having your kitchen painted by hand, just drop me a line.

Lee Reeve—Kitchen Painter, Cork/Specialist Hand Painter of Kitchens and Bespoke Furniture, Cork

How I became a Kitchen painter

I'm very lucky. I never intended to become a painter, let alone a specialist hand painter. Yet, here I am. I have found my vocation. 

Starting out, I just wanted to learn a trade. I didn't have a preference. I applied for a position as an apprentice painter by chance.

Long story short, I ended up working on the kitchen in John Magner's house. At the time, I didn't know you could even specialise in kitchens. Yet as soon as I started work on his kitchen, I knew this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Since then, I've worked constantly to improve my skills and my knowledge. Being recognised by Hand Painted Kitchens UK & Europe was a major achievement for me.